Z is for… Zátopek

We wrap up our celebration of the competition in Rio with a salute to one of the greatest competitors of all time, Emil Zátopek. The Czechoslovakian long-distance runner took home three golds at the 1952 games in Helsinki – in the 5,000 metres, the 10,000 metres and in the marathon. The final victory is the most […]

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Y is for… Youngsters

Misty-eyed admiration surely welled in all of us watching a 13-year-old swimmer win her heat at this year’s games, or the 15-year-old Chinese diver demolish her competition in Thursday evening’s 10m final. But, it’s difficult too not to mix a tinge of jealousy into those emotions, when, at age 13, the majority of us were more […]

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X is for… X-Rated

Streaking. An act, in complete undress and usually at full sprint, that can be considered humorous or annoying, depending on how easily titillated, or indeed bummed out, the watcher is. While it can be liberating for the streaker, it’s certainly no free and easy matter at the biggest event in sport. In London at 2012, […]

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W is for… WADA

It was a real shame that doping overshadowed much of the press leading up to this year’s games. Were the Russians going to be included, were they not? Week after week it seemed there was new evidence to suggest that they should and they shouldn’t. It was almost like watching a long rally at Wimbledon. […]

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