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Why Your Brand Needs a Purpose


This is a post from PRISM’s Social Army – regular briefings on topics aligned to our business or close to our hearts. Today’s entry is from Tajdar O. Chaudry from the Ford Content Factory in Bangkok.

As individuals, we often struggle to find the purpose in our lives. In its pursuit, we start associating with a set of ideals that form the very foundation of our instinctive identities and we find ourselves most engaged when approaching crossroads that challenge those ideals; most driven, when that convergence leads to their fulfillment.

That’s a simple, comprehensible human truth, yet one that’s often an afterthought in marketing planning in 2017. In the pursuit of tangible justifications, the intangible is too often ignored. We do so at our peril in the digitally prolific present, as the rising tide of consumer distrust is giving way to an immunized audience whose psyches have built up the relevant antibodies to resist traditional (read: ancient) marketing methodologies.

Simply put, they don’t believe (and in some cases, don’t even want to see) what your brand has to offer unless it speaks to their values as individuals.

Richard Branson recently said, “Brands that will thrive in the coming years – both financially and in terms of their impact on the globe – are the ones that have purpose beyond profit.” And, long before him, Henry Ford said, “A business that makes nothing but money, is a poor business.” These visionaries aren’t wrong and these words will continue to be the standard for success for years to come.


In order to build a thriving enterprise, brands have to identify, embrace, embody, and articulate a brand purpose that inspires their audience to connect with them. In order for purpose to make a noticeable impact on a business, brands must prove to consumers that they are committed and transparent in their mission.

Further proof of this can be found in Edelman’s 2016 Earned Brand Study, which concluded that “the modern consumer is looking for more than just tamper-proof bottles and affordable jeans. They want relationships with brands that reflect their values and create positive change in the world. A narrow focus on the classic purchase funnel from Marketing 101 is blinding brands to greater possibilities, when they could be engaging with fans and followers in ways that can enhance both their reputations and their bottom lines.

Brand Purpose isn’t just another marketing buzzword, it’s a strong driver of sales, with examples of Dove’s “Real Beauty” and Always’ #LikeAGirl campaigns coming to mind as resounding wins in recent times. Other notable examples include Apple’s purpose to “empower creative exploration and self-expression”, TOMS’ one-for-one purpose of “improving lives”, and Nike’s purpose “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world”. These aren’t just slogans; they’re a representation of the why that keeps these companies relevant to audiences in a world that’s hemorrhaging brand births by the second.


And it’s not just external-facing metrics that get an uplift, but internal as well. A 2015 study by Harvard Business Review and Ernst & Young revealed that there are clear business benefits to having a strong brand purpose. It showed that companies with a strong sense of purpose were able to innovate and transform easily, as well as improve employee satisfaction. Incorporating purpose into a business inspires consumers and stakeholders, and can also play a role in recruitment, helping brands to attract and retain talented individuals.

As a staunch evangelist of purpose-driven marketing, I could wax lyrical for ages on the subject but my editor told me to limit this post to 500 words (I’m already at 574, eek!). If you’d like to discuss this topic in further detail or would like studies that add empirical depth to the subject, feel free to reach out to me over Twitter (@MSTRTjay) or Linkedin (/in/tajdaroc). In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this profound TED talk by Simon Sinek that dives deeper into this psyche and what makes it tick. Enjoy!

Tajdar O. Chaudry

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2014: What a year!

With the haze of Christmas excesses subsiding, now is a great time to think back to everything the PRISM team achieved around the world in 2014. What a year it was!

We will remember 2014 for some great sporting events, especially the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.  We were proud to bring to life Regaine’s World Cup sponsorship with an award-nominated activation in the UK.

regaine3 (1)

2014 also marked the end of an era for Ford’s 22-year partnership with the UEFA Champion’s League which PRISM has activated from the very beginning. The Lisbon final was a proud moment helping launch the iconic Ford Mustang into Europe. It was a culmination for our football crazy activation team that was in action across Europe throughout the season providing Ford and their customers an unforgettable journey.


Our Football business grew throughout the year as we began working with SUBWAY and their official partnership with Liverpool Football Club. Expect some fun things in 2015 from that.

Our Amsterdam team was busy not only helping Dutch insurance company Delta Lloyd Group ramp up its association with sailing, but also hosting another successful Heineken House at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Earlier in the year PRISM’s Olympic Games heritage was further boosted by assisting Bridgestone to secure a deal with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) through to the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Delta Lloyd Regatta 2013 © Sander van der Borch

Our award winning work in Formula One continued around the globe at all the F1 races for clients as varied as Dell Caterham and Infiniti Red Bull Racing.  This great work culminated in a “”November to Remember” when our teams created and executed high profile activations in Austin and Dubai for Infiniti.

Red Bull Infiniti F1 Showcase

Our Global Content Network continues to set the industry standards for storytelling and story selling and this year played a leading role in a global product launch for Nissan with amazing events in Thailand.

I hope you will enjoy our 2014 highlight reel which is on our new for 2015 web-site.


But now the immortal words of Liverpool FC legend Steven Gerrard ring true: ‘We go again!’

With some fantastic new clients already on board, we’re fired up to make the PRISM 2015 highlight reel even more action-packed.

Until then, from me and the entire PRISM team, we hope you have a successful year too!

Steve Madincea
Founder & Group Managing Director at PRISM

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Sexy Samba Football

Say the words ‘sexy football’ and you can’t help but smile. The phrase, coined by the famously racy – down the touchline – Ruud Gullit, sums up perfectly the kind of football that FIFA World Cup watchers love to see. Full of flair and creativity; it’s football that anyone can appreciate – from the hardcore fan, to the casual, big-tournament-partaker.

2014’s World Cup is in Brazil, of course, so can we expect sexy samba styling to sweetly infuse this entire tournament? Will the Brazilian team be inspired to titillate further still by playing in front of their home fans?

From last nights opening victory against Croatia we can assume so, but with the African nations, Italy, Spain and Brazil owning the sexy football space, will there be any left over for the rest? Can Wayne Rooney even dance?

At PRISM, we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy plenty of sexy football. In 2011 we developed our own sexy football campaign with Gullit and other legends, around Ford of Europe’s UEFA Champions League sponsorship programme, called Feel Football.

Top amateur players from around Europe played-off to win places at a sexy football academy in Los Angeles, with Gullit as head coach. In groups representing their countries the players went head-to-head, and the following mini tournament was one of the highest calibre amateur football events we’ve ever hosted at PRISM. That’s saying something considering our long heritage in the sport.

Spain beat England 5-4 in a passion-filled final.

I hope we see that same seductive football style throughout this 2014 FIFA World Cup; from every group, in every game.


Simon Woollard
PRISM Global Creative Director

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