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Content[ed.]: January’s Best Branded Content


Content[ed.]: a monthly overview of some of the latest and greatest in content creation. We applaud the benchmark breakers, berate the boring and confer over the opinion splitters, all in good heart and sometimes with a bit humour.


We’re fortunate to be in an industry where creativity has to be at the core of everything we do. And the rapid proliferation of content and digital platforms for entertainment and discovery means there is no end to the amount of information and inspiration that brands are providing for us.

This month there have been many notable pieces: FKA Twigs and Nike left us believing in more; Samsung showed us how crazy gyms are; Apple took a stroll in the much-talked-about ‘AirPods’. There’s also been an abundance of great content in the sportswear market. Nike, Puma, Under Armour, New Balance, Reebok – all well-known brands making great work in an effort to out-do each other. However, our pick has to be a brand that has really hit the year running – Adidas.


‘One in a Billion’ was right on the money. Superb cinematography, a dig at rivals Under Armour and a Beckham cameo. It’s a great example of how a strong piece of insight on stereotypes of China can be brought to life through content. Adidas is glorifying originality in everything it creates as we’ve seen in the ‘Sport Needs Creators’ and ‘Never Follow’ ads. This latest spot complements this message and celebrates individuality in China. A strong strategy and content to match.


This piece for Originals – Adidas’ most iconic sub-brand – is beautifully bold and rebellious, relentlessly pushing the message that ‘original is never finished’. They’ve avoided using superstars and gone for a more natural message of everyday suburban creativity, Adidas revisits its ‘Originals’ truth that real creativity is everywhere, is collaborative, and is continually evolving. That feeling certainly comes across in the raw and candid style of this film. The detail here is incredible and the song choice inspired, reinvented for a new generation as an anthemic call to action. The production is meticulously planned, but still carries that unpolished, incomplete, gritty feel.


Not actually a piece of work by Adidas this one, as it was made by a German advertising student, but it picked up a lot of views earlier this month. Hats off to the chap because it’s a class piece of content about an ageing marathon runner who is determined to break out of his retirement home. It’s an emotional account that’s left many cheering and some crying. It had such an effect that the Huffington Post and other media urged Adidas to run it. Unfortunately, those calls were ignored. Although the brand was reluctant to back the student ad, we think the message gels with the Adidas’s overall philosophy of inspiring creativity. Not only is the sportswear-maker inspiring athletes to be creators, it seems like they’re inspiring those outside the athletic community, too.

Written by: Oliver Salman & Simon Hanley


Brazil 2014 – The Most Digital, Social and Ambushed World Cup Ever

You saw it, I saw it and based upon the statistics coming out of the social stratosphere, almost everyone on the planet saw it. Staff at the FIFA HQ are no doubt patting themselves on the back for having a digital World Cup like no other. The now famous #BRA vs #GER semi-final which resulted in a 7-1 loss for the host nation, received 35.6 million tweets in the duration of the match. This set a new Twitter record, easily surpassing the 30 million tweets recorded during January’s Super Bowl. According to Twitter Data the final itself received 32.1 million tweets, peaking at nearly 619,000 tweets per minute.

Facebook reports that 88 million global users made a record 280 million interactions, including posts, likes, and comments, during the World Cup final. This easily broke the previous record held of 245 million interactions, set by the Super Bowl in 2013. Facebook also said that the top five countries participating in the global buzz were, in order, US, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Indonesia. When you have more tweets than any other sporting event ever, more digital activation than any other sporting event ever and one official media outlet creating ways to stream games faster than any other, you can’t consider this anything but a success for FIFA.

Or can you?

What about all the ambush marketing? From KFC’s TV campaign featuring a football inspired Brazilian family to every local pub having some sort of Brazil World Cup artwork on its premises. It was everywhere and from travelling throughout Asia, Europe and N. America over the last month, I mean everywhere. That’s great for sport but what about protecting the sponsors that paid dearly to be officially involved with the competition? I think the advent of Twitter, Pinterest, Vine and Instagram has cut loose a new form of ambush marketing – #DigitalAmbush. It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s engaging and you don’t need to be an official partner to get involved.

Look at the battle between Nike and Adidas at the World Cup. While Adidas was rightfully proud to have both teams in the final (and the Brazuca ball, I might add), Nike didn’t sit still. They had ambassador LeBron James in attendance and, of course, very socially active from his seat in the stadium. Maybe not the same exposure as being on the pitch with Messi and company but nowhere near the cost either. Despite Nike having a strong presence,even in a non-official capacity, Adobe analysts state that Adidas overall achieved 71% more tournament-related social media buzz.

As leaders in the digital sports revolution, all of us at PRISM are continually educating our clients on what they can and cannot do in the sports social/digital sphere. All the rules are yet to be defined and as this social playground remains distinctly open, the question is who will break the next boundaries in this revolution?


Steve Madincea
Founder & Group Managing Director at PRISM

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