How to plan the perfect party

This is a post from PRISM’s Social Army – regular briefings on topics aligned to our business or close to our hearts. Today’s entry is from one of PRISM’s events gurus, Emma Coward, from PRISM’s London. 


At PRISM we spend much of the year designing, planning and executing flawless events for our clients. Whether this means a media event in a sun-drenched location or hospitality for two dozen high-net worth individuals at a Grand Prix, certain fundamentals always apply to pulling off a perfect occasion.

And with the Festive Season already here and Christmas spirit in abundance, we thought we’d apply some of those learnings to throwing the perfect holiday party.

In short, it’s all in the details, so come along and let’s deck those halls…

The Guest List
Don’t underestimate the guest list, however big, small or intimate. Mix it up. Don’t be afraid to throw in a few eccentric people, and don’t worry about the age limits – the old ones have the best stories!


The Invite
I love a hard one – so do it properly. There are some great options online and it beats a text message. The main rule here is NEVER bulk invite, this screams ‘no thought’ and tells your guests you’re not actually bothered if they attend or not. Then remember to include all the details – an invite is useless without a date, time and venue.

Dress Code
Don’t be Vague! Tell people whether it’s formal, fancy or come-as-you-are. If you do choose a theme or fancy dress, be unique. It will make the night more memorable.

Get it down – the lights that is. Low lighting makes your guests better looking and they will LOVE you for it.


The Food
I’m a real foodie and there is nothing worse than turning up to party and not being offered a drink  or anything to eat. Re-heated nibbles are not the way to go. PLAN your menu carefully. Make party food interesting and hearty. If it’s sit down, WOW your guests with unusual elements – my current favorites? “Balsamic Balls” – and don’t forget a table plan and place cards.

Mix it up
Bubbles are a MUST for any occasion. Champagne still rules supreme but Cremant is a great alternative and your guests will never know. Throw in mulled wine or spiced cider to complement the season.


Chilled out and festive will always get your guests in the mood. Make sure your playlist is sorted. Jamie Cullum’s “Show me the Magic” is a must.

One last thing.. ensure you enjoy your evening. If the host is relaxed and having fun, that’s proof it’s a great party. And it is Christmas, after all!

Emma Coward


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