F is for… Fraudsters


Ticket deal too good to be true? Then it probably is. Fraudsters have been cashing in at the events in Rio this year with a reported £300,000 lost by consumers in buying those last minute tickets. One of the websites, Book Rio Games, was selling tickets for multiple events and their surge in popularity resulted in the page ranking higher in internet searches than the official Rio 2016 site. Fans have been warned that they will be turned away and offered no refunds if they’ve bought dodgily re-sold tickets.

Imagine going all that way and not being allowed in. Still, with Rio’s long beaches, Corcovado, beautiful sunsets and incredibly friendly people, there are surely worse places in the world to be left stranded.


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Illustration by Audrey Manlot (Instagram:@a.mamlok, Tumblr:mamlok.tumblr.com)


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