B is for… Big Brother


No, we’re definitely not talking about the new Celebrity Big Brother series!

We’re on about the incredibly cool and futuristic ‘eye in the sky’ balloon-mounted cameras.

Like the beautiful Alberto Santos-Dumont-style night flight we were treated to in last night’s stunning Opening Ceremony in the Maracanã, these super high-tech cameras will be circling overhead in Rio over the next few weeks.

Capable of monitoring huge sections of the city in real-time and in high-res, the tech innovation is being used for the first time at a large scale event in Brazil and is part of an important investment to ensure the events in Rio are as safe as they are fun, exciting and memorable. Talk about aviation pioneers!

#RioAtoZ #BigBrother #Rio

PRISM LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/1kdjyrg
PRISM Twitter: https://twitter.com/PRISM_Worldwide
PRISM Instagram: http://instagram.com/prism_team

Illustration by Audrey Manlot (Instagram:@a.mamlok, Tumblr:mamlok.tumblr.com)


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