PRISM Launches Global Celebrity Index


After three months of successful beta testing PRISM has today launched its proprietary celebrity evaluation framework, the Global Celebrity Index (GCI). The Index rates the respective ambassadorial value of celebrities and personalities from the worlds of sport and entertainment. Uniquely, the index moves beyond the usual celebrity assessment metrics to measure the value individuals have to specific industry categories and brands.

The index combines three key dimensions of ambassadorial value – affinity, presence and influence – to deliver comprehensive insight into the likely impact of the individual as an ambassador. Critically, the GCI also assesses the value for money that celebrities will provide to specific categories and brands. Whilst footballer Ronaldo, for example, scores highly against most industry categories when evaluated in absolute terms, he fares much less well in terms of value for money (efficiency).

“The index incorporates 15 key industry categories with each being defined by the relative importance of five ambassador attributes – trust, trend-setting, success, sex appeal and health,” said Ed Wooller, PRISM’s Head of Strategy and Insight. “What makes a potential ambassador ideal for one category might just as easily make them a poor choice for another category. For example, whilst the lack of trust people have in actors and actresses tends to make them a poor choice for financial services, their sex appeal can make them an obvious choice for the personal care category.”


The rise of social media has made individual endorsement and advocacy an ever-more-potent part of the marketing mix. However, the value to brands is often largely contingent on forming a meaningful and genuine connection with brand ambassadors. Only through achieving this legitimacy in consumers’ eyes can the real power of celebrity advocacy be unlocked. The GCI allows brands to accurately and objectively measure this level of affinity between themselves and celebrities.

Athletes have an obvious affinity with the sports and leisure, health products and energy drinks categories, but more work needs to be undertaken to build meaningful connections with other categories. Brands with less natural affinity to sports are also choosing to invest in sport properties, as well as the athletes, in order to build meaningful associations. Rolex, for example, has over time built a genuine connection with golfers and tennis players by investing heavily in the underlying sports and tournaments, as well as the athletes.

“The GCI can be used by brands not only to identify the best potential ambassadors based on brands’ objectives but also to ensure they are leveraged in the most effective way,” said Wooller. “To this end the index measures the resonance that celebrities have with specific demographic and geographic audiences. It allows companies to answer questions like ‘who is the right ambassador for my brand in the Chinese market’ or ‘who is best placed to engage with a millennial audience’.”


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