Steve Madincea Named to Northwood University Board of Trustees


PRISM Founder and Group MD Steve Madincea has been named to the board of trustees of his old university, Northwood in Midland, Michigan, alongside such luminaries as Dan DeVos –Chairman of the Orlando Magic NBA team.

“Northwood has been a trend-setter in free-enterprise education and it is where my own entrepreneurial flame was originally lit,” said Steve. “It will be an honor to use my global business expertise to help Northwood map out its next stages of growth.”

DeVos, who is the Northwood University Board of Trustees Chairman as well as the head of Orlando Magic, commented: “We welcome Steve as he has already demonstrated a continuing dedication and commitment to Northwood by assisting with things such as European business education trips and hosting forward-thinking discussions with our students through the years. Now we will benefit from Steve’s worldwide business insights as he and his team work with some of the largest international corporations.”

Steve will join a 15-member Board of Trustees where the main mission of Northwood University is to develop the future leaders of a global, free-enterprise society.

Keith A. Pretty, J.D. President and CEO of Northwood University, also chimed in on the appointment, saying: “Northwood has always been about the advantages of an entrepreneurial free-enterprise society. We also understand individual freedom brings with it equal measures of individual responsibility. Functioning from a foundation of ethics and integrity we want to add to global, diverse and multicultural enterprises and fortunately Steve, as a Northwood graduate, fits that criteria precisely. We are very pleased he has agreed to join our Board of Trustees.”

Congratulations to Steve; we’re sure it will reap huge benefits for PRISM with greater exposure to the other trustees and to the talented future graduates of Northwood.

Steve Madincea
Founder & Group Managing Director at PRISM

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One thought on “Steve Madincea Named to Northwood University Board of Trustees

  1. Speaking on behalf of all who work at Northwood, I am thrilled to have Steve on our Board of Trustees. It’s fantastic when our alumni are willing to serve their alma mater. Steve is a true leader, innovator, and doer.


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