As the knock-out stages of the World Cup got under way this weekend it didn’t take long for those 12 yards to make their mark. Love them or fear them (I’m English so my feelings fall nearer the later!) penalty shoot-outs add an incredible layer of excitement, tension and definitiveness to football and major tournaments. Of course on Saturday night poster boy for Brazil 2014, Neymar, was able to handle the pressure and score the winning penalty to keep the Brazil dream alive. But what if he’d missed and Chile had gone on to win? Nobody knows but the only thing we can be sure of is that millions of people around the globe, most with no allegiance to any of the teams involved in shoot-outs so far, were encapsulated and felt the passion and drama.

It was this emotive connection to penalties and the World Cup that helped us here at PRISM inform our activation strategy for our client Regaine. Utilising global FIFA World Cup rights, via parent company Johnson & Johnson, we’ve just finished a 9-day experiential activation campaign targeting London commuters. The Regaine FIFA World Cup penalty shoot-out’s aligned the brand’s positioning of the importance of knowing the facts around hair loss with football by challenging our target audience to answer 3 FIFA World Cup fact or fiction questions and then score 3 penalties to win official FIFA merchandise. Easy you would think, but add in the pressure of a station full of commuters and suddenly the tension and drama hit. We were delighted to see over 3,000 people take part in the challenge; and for our activation, the success in taking seemingly intangible global FIFA World Cup rights and helping translate them for Regaine into meaningful consumer engagements using football and the power of those 12 yards!

Matt Riches
Account Director, PRISM London

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PRISM Instagram: http://instagram.com/prism_team
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