An American View – The FIFA World Cup

Many people may think that the US is still in the dark ages when it comes to the FIFA World Cup. But I can tell you that there are more football pubs within walking distance of our PRISM Santa Monica office than there are near our London, Amsterdam and Melbourne offices combined. It’s football fever around here and I am not referring to the American kind. There are daily World Cup specials in the LA Times and yesterday we even spotted former England striker Peter Crouch walking with his wife on the famous Santa Monica Pier. Whether you call it football or soccer, make no mistake, it is a growth sport all across the US.

PRISM Americas roots run deep within the US soccer community having originally promoted international tournaments in major Hispanic communities around the US almost 20 years ago. But the sport has grown up and each generation develops more fans and followers. So much so that the main US league, the MLS (Major League Soccer), is now viewed as the fifth most popular league behind the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. Taking into consideration that the US has a population of nearly 320 million people and that the other four major leagues have had a long rich heritage within American society, this is sizeable feat.

For the 2014 US World Cup team, our hopes come down to our new coach Jürgen Klinsmann who also happens to love the Californian lifestyle. In fact he married a Californian girl and earned his helicopter’s pilot license just up the road from our Santa Monica office. But the big question is can Jürgen mould this youthful squad (with the controversial omission of the USA’s most capped player, Landon Donovan) into a team that can pull off an upset or two. If so you can bet World Cup fever will catch fire across America, so wish us luck in our opening group game against Ghana today!

Cali Madincea
Account Manager, PRISM Americas

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