Nike – At the nexus of sports entertainment

As anticipation of the FIFA World Cup reaches fever pitch I am struck by how Nike has moved from a brash outsider to an integral part of the game

True they are not an official sponsor and I am sure that someone at FIFA will proclaim that by not paying rights fees they reduce the funds available to distribute to needy federations around the world, but the entertainment value, media spend and pure hype is surely worth far more.

There are now many entry points for global companies wishing to align themselves with football as part of their marketing strategy but I am still surprised at just how many expensive campaigns seem to lack any understanding of what makes football fans tick. I like to think that at PRISM our 22 years of supporting Ford on their UEFA Champions League campaigns such as destinationfootball and Feel Football being on the ground at hundreds of matches throughout Europe at some of the great Stadiums (and some of the not so great!) in all weathers and working with top talent such as Mourinho, Vieira, Keane, Gullit, Zlatan and Iniesta has, like Nike, ingrained in us this insight and understanding of football as sports entertainment and how to connect with fans through the world.

Here is a look at some of our UEFA Champions League work throughout the years: 

Enjoy the show!

Brian Greenwood
Managing Director, PRISM Americas

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